Chinese Cresteds and Obesity

Sometimes, we notice that our graceful bundle of joy appears to be bulging at its waist line. That adorable hairless (or not) little critter starts to resemble an overstuffed sausage of sorts. As pet owners we sometimes get in the habit of giving them treats, and not considering that as a part of the meal. Or worse, leaving a full bowl for them to come back to as the feel necessary. I cant speak for all breeds, but Cresteds are well known for munching all day long if given the opportunity. They feel it is ALWAYS necessary to eat, whether it be leftovers that your toddler dropped, or the cucumber buts that you dont use for your salad. Just remember dog obesity is not making anybody happy. The quality of your pets life will be greatly reduced as well as the length in many cases. Weight your dog, and follow the recommended feeding amount on your high quality dog food. If you find yourself in this situation already take action:
1) Buy diet reduced fat food (or reduce the feeding amount, though this may leave a HUNGRY pooch that will be wining all day long)
2) Start with longer walks at a brisk pace without stopping, let them top and sniff on the way BACK.
3) Stop the treats, and if you want to give a snack use veggies pr fruit. My girls like apples, carrots, Brocoli, melons though they Want to eat just about anything. Peel the skin off the apples though since they are hard to digest.
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