Chinese Crested Blog – LETS TALK SKIN!

Here we can talk about our hairless love bugs and help each other with issues we might be facing from skin, to behavior etc…
My Post #1 is about skin however. Specifically the little mini tyrant that affects so many of our hairless friends…Blackheads or Dog Acne!
In my experience many things can cause this, no amount of good breeding can totally eliminate this problem from all Cresteds. Some will get it in adolescence, which will typically clear up as they grow up.
But lets look at the most typical causes:
1) Does your dog eat human food, i mean fried or processed human food?
2) When was the last time you changed their clothes? Or bedding?
3) Where is the Acne, is it on a specific area, in the furnishings (hair)?
4) When was the last time you washed the dog?
Think of your dog like a person. If a person has particularly oily skin, it needs to be maintained a certain way. Not washing it, laying on dirty pillows, eating junk food or simply not washing it will cause it to break out.
Depending on how bad the situation is here are a few helpfull tips:
1) UPGRADE food and drop the treats. If you want to give a treat give a veggie. I highly recommend Nutra, LIMITED ingredient food.
2) Wash your dog once a week, Cresteds naturally release an oil to protect their skin, which sometimes clogs the pores.
3) Don’t moisturize with heavy lotions. Use light face lotions, or baby lotion
4) Always use sunscreen when out for extended periods of time.
5) Wash that bedding and change the clothes. Stick to cotton as it will not cause irritations.

If you have a bad issue and you have made the necessary changes, now you have to clear up the acne you are already stuck with. #1 you have to wash the dog, more often until it clears up. You will need to do some scrubbing at times if the acne is really dense, with slightly abrasive sponges.

Here is what has worked for me in the past and some friends recommendations:
1) The clean and clear pore cleaner (the vibrating one) works wonders.
2) A good old soak in the bath to release the dirt.
3) Some grease cutting old fashioned hand bar soap in a bath
Remember to moisturize lightly after so the skin is nice and soft. I use Disney brand Baby Eczema cream. Put it on a regular paper towel and rub rub rub all over the body. Its very thick and more than enough rubbed in with the paper towel. If there are black heads, it also lubricates them and helps them come right out. You will see them right on the paper towel.
And PLEASE dont use olive oil. I have heard people using this on their dogs and have seen the horrors that it will do to the skin. If you wouldn’t put it on your face, it doesent belong on a crested either.

Questions? More tips? Post them!

2 thoughts on “Chinese Crested Blog – LETS TALK SKIN!

  1. What type of sunscreen do you use on your babies? My Crested actually tans; she goes from a very light gray in fall and winter to nearly black in the summer. I was going to purchase a baby sunscreen but perhaps there’s a better one you’re aware of. Grazi for sharing your knowledge…It’s a huge help!

  2. I use Aveno baby sunblock. The pinker ones need it a lot more than the darker ones. Pink means no pigment so a burn is imminent. Since yours sounds like a slate color you should be just fine with anything over 35SPF. If your going to the beach or water put on the waterproof one, but if your not avoid it at all costs. Waterproof clogs their pores and makes blackheads.

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